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General & Behavioral Optometry

Michael L. Smookler, O.D. provides great eye care to patients in the West Roxbury area. Our eye exams help detect and treat eye diseases as early as possible. We also have a large selection of contact lenses and frames for you to choose from, with styles, brands, and colors to suit every face and preference.


Your Eye Doctor in West Roxbury - Michael L. Smookler, O.D.

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Dr. Smookler offers a full range of high quality eye care services for the whole family. He is a Behavioral and Developmental Optometrist, specializing in visual performance testing, vision related learning problems, vision therapy and natural vision improvement.

Have any questions? Call us today at 617-469-0015 to find out more about how we can help you and your family.

We serve West Roxbury, Needham, Newton, Brookline, Dedham, Wellesley, Boston, Cambridge, and the whole New England area.

Why Choose Us?


We specialize in eye tests, special lenses, and vision therapy for children and adults on the autism spectrum, including nonverbal patients.


The American Optometric Association recommends an annual eye exam for adults. It's never too late to improve your vision!

We help adults and children who are struggling with eye-hand-body coordination and visual motor skills.

Vision Therapy Specialist

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Detect and treat vision problems that cause issues in school

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Effective Eye Therapy for All Types of Special Needs, e.g. ADHD, Autism...

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Doctor-supervised eye therapy, eye exercises and vision rehabilitation

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Successful Treatment at Any Age without Surgery or Eye Patching!

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Treatment for physical & cognitive issues caused by brain injury such as concussion

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Eye Exams, Lenses, Specialty vision Care, Pediatric eye Care, Special Needs, etc.

Meet Our Doctor

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Vision Therapy FAQ

Q: What are some of the learning difficulties a child may encounter if they have vision issues?
A: Children may have difficulty reading if their near vision is blurry or the words jump around the page. Older children may have difficulty copying from the board at the front of the class or may struggle with math homework that has multiple questions on the page.

Q: What is Vision Therapy?
A: Vision therapy is an individualized treatment plan prescribed by a Doctor of Optometry. It is used to treat eye conditions, such as strabismus (eye turn) or amblyopia (“lazy eye”). Through Vision Therapy, a Doctor of Optometry also teaches, improves and/or reinforces important visual skills, such as eye tracking, eye focusing and eye teaming abilities. Without these visual skills, simple tasks like reading or copying notes from the board become difficult. Skipping words or lines while reading, using a finger while reading, blurry near vision, double vision, eyestrain and/or eye fatigue are also common symptoms.

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Michael L. Smookler, O.D.

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