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Michael L. Smookler, O.D. Behavioral Optometrist
18 Vermont St. West Roxbury, MA 02132-2320
(617) 469-0015 Email Serving Boston metro area

Dr. Michael Smookler offers a full range of vision care services, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to children and adults. Dr. Smookler is a Behavioral Optometrist who specializes in visual performance testing, learning related vision problems, vision therapy and natural vision improvement techniques. Call us today at 617-469-0015 with any questions, or to find out more about how these exciting treatments or any other services outline below can help you, your child, or a child you know.

Dr. Smookler is a lifelong Massachusetts resident, graduate of New England College of Optometry and Baltimore Academy of Behavioral Optometry.

Dr. Michael L. Smookler provides:

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!
Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which
affect reading, learning, school and sports success.

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